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About the company

PPH “AMIKA” is a well-functioning and developing company. We produce dairy ice cream, fruit sherbets, frozen mealy food, along with frozen fruit and vegetables.

Through our unique taste compositions, recipes and variety, our flagship product – the ice cream – brought us a grounded business position and, what’s most significant, loyal and increasing group of clients. We put the most supreme effort in our development and perfection, in order to gain our customers contentment. Our latest product is Agatka ice cream made of savory natural fruit mousse. Layers of sherbet and dairy ice cream, beautifully colored, create together a lovely pattern of swirl. We recommend trying our exceptional ice cream deserts, for they will bring you the sensation of childhood.

In 2014 we’ve started the line of frozen mealy products – potato dumplings, stuffed dumplings, regional large meat stuffed dumplings known as “kartacze”. We proudly present these special products as “The Treasures of Lublin Province”. Although those products are quite new in our offer, there interest of customers is noticeable. All our products are made of high quality, local ingredients, therefore they are naturally connected to the place of origin. The promotion of local specialties is our main goal. The agricultural area of Lublin uplands bring us enormous amount of eco vegetables, mushrooms and curd cheese that make our delicious dumpling stuffing. Polish mothers and grandmothers are the unquestionable authority of polish cuisine for every and each one of us, therefore our goal is to bring the perfect “home-made” delicious meals to our clients. It’s their opinions of “the taste of home meal” or “dumplings like mum’s” is what makes us really proud of our work and motivated to work even harder.

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